The News Media Might Be a Problem


The news media has more power and influence than we realize. I’d go as far as to say that their “narratives”, which are often one-sided, steeped in personal opinions, and centered almost entirely on the negative, have become catalysts for inciting hostility and widening divisions in our country.

When a crime is committed, they quickly establish heroes and villains before all of the information is available and verified. Those who have had genuine histories with similar villains get mad, and those who don’t believe the villain is as awful as presented get mad. Everyone gets mad. And with all of us emotionally attached through our mutual anger, we tune in to follow the story.

I believe that CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and several of the other mainstream media outlets are full of shit. They don’t care about objective journalism anymore, and they’re playing us in a competition to see who can exploit our emotions the best for ratings.

Money, Politics, and Anarchy



How often do you think about money? Were you lucky enough to inherit a privileged life with only a few obstacles, or do you, like most people, usually find yourself tending to tasks you were forced to do just to live?

From the age of 5 to 22, and sometimes beyond that, the so-called education system methodically crafts us into gears for the employment machine. After enduring nearly two decades of partisan indoctrination, we have to fight each other in the crowded confines of a “free market” for the next 40 to 50 years for status as employees.

With an estimated 7 billion people on the planet, many of us won’t be able to get work despite our qualifications. Life is made even more laborious for the marginalized when employers — consciously or subconsciously — add superficial attributes like culture, gender, and “attractiveness” to their hiring criteria.


The top priority of social conservatives is conserving Christian culture. The top priority of left and right-wing libertarians is maximizing liberty.

Social liberals acknowledge social and economic inequality and believe more government and fewer liberties is the solution. For social conservatives and right-wing libertarians, business regulations is a greater problem than inequality, and they believe we could be more productive without them.

Social conservatives, social liberals, and right-wing libertarians all advocate an unfettered master-slave relationship — corporation as master over the worker, or government as master over the citizen.

Of the political philosophies mentioned, left-wing libertarianism is the only one that prioritizes the worker and citizen over the corporation and politician. In its individualist and collectivist variants, left-libertarianism advocates freedom from government and wage slavery through unionization and/or mutual aid.


The words Anarchism and communism, like liberalism and conservatism, shouldn’t be feared or rejected at their mere mention. Anarchy is derived from the Greek anarchos meaning “one without rulers.” It does not mean “one without rules.” And communism, like communion and comradery, is derived from the Latin communis meaning “common” or “universal.”

Anarcho-communism, anarcho-syndicalism, mutualism, Christian anarchism, and individualist anarchism are five common branches of left-libertarianism. Each of these branches calls for the suppression of oppressive corporate and political intermediaries that stand between us and our liberation.

We’re prisoners on the capitalist hamster wheel — overworked, underpaid, and neglected. While we fight each other for survival, they live comfortably with more than they’ll ever need. With much of the land “bought up” and guarded by them, we’re left with few habitable places to escape to. Is this the life you want, or do you want your life to be about something more?

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The System is Fucked


By grossly expanding the scope of the government, progressive politicians have undermined our civil liberties and self-reliance. Fostering free markets by minimizing or eliminating the capacity of the government and trade unions, as advocated by conservatives and right-wing libertarians, would give corporations dominion over the citizenry.

Capitalism, the economic system that rewards those who excel at using a method of psychological manipulation called “marketing”, has divided and turned us against each other. With social-Darwinism and conceit at its core, capitalism provokes inhumane competitions for attention and the leftovers not yet stockpiled by the overpaid.

Critics of government overreach have been called selfish, apathetic, and bigoted, and those who feel the overpaid should be progressively taxed to compensate the exploited are said to encourage laziness, envy, and theft.

What is the solution?

How can government encroachment be retracted in a way that doesn’t neglect the downtrodden and those who oppose compromising ethics and individuality to conform? How can corporate corruption—which has happened, is happening, and will likely continue happening—be mitigated?

When I Was a Conservative For 2 Weeks


After getting a face full of social liberalism from the Obama administration, and seeing firsthand how awful big government policies could be, I became a strong advocate of individualism and small government. “I guess I’m a conservative now,” I thought.

I spent the next few days researching conservatism, listening to podcasts, and passively engaging in conservative communities. While I admired the ideology, there was something about the people—the conservatives themselves—that didn’t feel right.

The first thing I noticed was how angry many of them were, particularly about Obama. Every-single-day, I ran into a new report on how much Obama sucked. I’d look around like, “Okay, yeah… I don’t like him either. But what’s your plan?”

Their anger amplified when the Ferguson, MO riots and protests began. Rather than express any sympathy, or acknowledge the innocent people involved in this plight, most of the conservatives I saw just raged on about how hypocritical black people were, and—of course—how much Obama sucked.

It seems like conservatives—at least the lot I encountered—don’t really care much for the people outside of their culture. Social liberals, although I disagree with their approach, have at least tried to propose solutions for those who are enduring difficulties.

I respect the small government policies advocated by conservatism, and I acknowledge the charitable work conservatives have done, but I no longer feel comfortable associating myself with the label.

The “Black Community” Isn’t a Hive Mind


It would be great if people would stop rushing to draw arbitrary connections between the sentiments of the few black people they see in the news with the so-called “black community” as a whole. We don’t have a collective opinion.

The pictures of the world presented to you by the mainstream media are rarely complete, and are often politically motivated and designed to elicit conversation and controversy.

There are many black people—myself included—who are outraged by “black on black” and “black on white” crime, but “white on black” crime provides a more historically provocative narrative, so these stories are typically given priority.

The Racist Following of Popular Conservative Personalities

I’ve seen an overwhelming number of racist comments being posted about black people—primarily on conservative sites by self-professed conservatives—over the last couple of weeks in response to the protests and riots in Ferguson, MO.

Here are some examples of the kind of thoughts being shared:

“The peoples action shows how racist the black people are. You dont see spanish or white or Chinese doing this. That sums it up pretty clearly. Our ancessors already fought for these people . All the people who died for them. They make a good men ashame im sure.”

“Why is it that the ONLY race that loots and acts this way IS BLACKS???? WHAT ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“maybe, and I’m going out on a limb here, it’s because BLACKS HAVE NO RESPECT FOR LAWS!!!!!!!!”

“Farm animals…at age 8 you know right from wrong.”

“shoot them nigs down”

“Kill them till they disburse…”

— Source: Mark Levin Show

Here are some jabs from David Horowitz and Ramsey Paul:


But a lot worse can be found if you search for it.

Are all of the people in that search, or those participating on hashtags like #ChimpOut, conservative? It’s not always easy to tell, but some do make it obvious.


A lot of conservatives—and social liberals alike—seem to have become so obsessed with attacking the other side that they no longer care about the wrongs happening on their own side. Nothing can be gained by vilifying a predominately civil group for the actions of a few. It would be in everyone’s best interests if we did more to quell the hostilities within our parties.

When I Renounced Black Victimhood

For most of my adult life, I was a proud advocate of Marxism, a school of social liberalism that encouraged my view of capitalism and religion as impediments of our potential—the root of humanity’s suffering that had to be stopped.

To accept a worldview I intuitively knew was tyrannical, I arrogantly oversimplified the beliefs of conservatives and theists. It wasn’t until I saw how noxious social liberalism could be in practice that my conscience could no longer validate my prejudices.

Record of Failure

As a black male, I’ve been the target of relentless propaganda from the political-left. Nearly every narrative about black culture I heard in school and from the media centered on how I was a victim. Callous white men—now in the form of racist Republicans—were the oppressors, and loving Democrats were my saviors.

The smokescreen started to dissipate while living in Gary, a crime ridden city founded by the U. S. Steel Corporation that’s been under the control of Democrats since 1943. Nearly every night for the 3 years I stayed there, I fell asleep listening to gunfire outside a cramped house that itself had two bullet holes on its side.

It could be argued the initial blow to Gary’s stability came when Republican president Ronald Reagan exported much of the steel industry overseas, undercutting their primary source of income. But Detroit, which doesn’t have a dependence on steel production, can’t share this excuse for their decline.

Detroit, which consistently tops “America’s most dangerous cities” lists, has been managed ineptly by Democrats since 1962. Their economy finally collapsed in 2013, resulting in the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U. S. history.

Destructive Condescension

Clearly, the Democrats didn’t have the solutions they claimed to have had, and enforcing regulations rather than encouraging education and accountability only made matters worse.

When 82 people were shot, 14 fatally, in Chicago over the July 4th weekend this year, police superintendent Garry McCarthy placed the blame entirely on “weak gun control laws” rather than the obvious causes—hood culture, upbringing, and ignorance.

How can gun control amend the rage that drives most killings, or hinder the access of unregistered guns through underground channels? Are any Democratic policies actually meant to solve anything, or are they just demagogic fetters to keep us contained, complacent, and stupid so we’ll continue supporting the political-left during elections?

In another example of blatant demagoguery, Democrats claimed the voter ID laws pushed by Republicans were “voter suppression.” But wouldn’t more problems be solved if minorities weren’t just encouraged to vote against Republicans, but encouraged to get IDs—which are required to open bank accounts and get most jobs—to enable greater independence and access to society? Wouldn’t having an ID render voter ID “schemes” ineffective?

Free To Choose

The deceptions Democrats and their left-wing constituents had been using to expand and retain their base were revealing themselves: exploiting minorities, propagating a “war on women” to abrogate conservative women, classifying all dissent as bigotry to inhibit free speech—just to name a few.

My respect for social liberalism flatlined.

Free of any political affiliation, my interest opened to the other side of the political spectrum. I found some libertarian and conservative book lists online. From those lists, I settled on Free to Choose by Milton Friedman, The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek, Conscious of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater, and God and Man at Yale by William F. Buckley Jr.

One of the recurring thoughts I had while reading these books wasn’t about their content, but about why their points, which were surprisingly inclusive and practical, weren’t being articulated as lucidly by popular right-wing personalities today. If more of them had ranted less about how awful “liberalism” was, and spoke more on the conservative rationale, they could’ve garnered more support from the left and middle sooner.

Individualism vs. Collectivism

While some conservatives—the loudest ones usually—do fit the unflattering stereotype of being angry, racist, young-Earth creationists who hate the poor and want to turn America into a Christian theocracy, most of them don’t. Conservatives, like social liberals, come from a variety of backgrounds, and are distinguished by their ideological position on social and economic issues.

Conservatives tend to be individualistic. Individualists prioritize the rights of the individual over the rights of any in-group. Everyone is held to the same standards, and taxed the same—with no special restrictions or exceptions. The government’s role is to uphold the law, and defend and advance the country without intruding on people’s liberties or businesses.

Social liberals tend to be collectivistic. With a priority on in-group rights over individual rights, collectivist governments are more involved. The citizenry is treated as a collective, and taxed more—on a sliding scale—to finance programs deemed important by its constituents. Regulations are imposed on businesses and, in some cases, on speech.

Taking Responsibility

I’m convinced a predominantly individualist government with minimal special programs (ex. FDA, NASA) would be ideal. When politicians are asked to manage too much outside their expertise, they consistently come up with proposals that unfairly favor, harm, or are vehemently opposed by an in-group. To cultivate natural progress and equality, the government should tend primarily to administrative duties, and leave the citizenry free to build, innovate, and pursue happiness as they see fit.

But who will take care of the destitute?

We will!

According to statistics published by The Giving USA Foundation, $335 billion was given—voluntarily—to charitable organizations in 2013, accounting for approximately 2% of the gross domestic product.

People are inherently good, and when the opportunity arises to help someone in need, we do help them. We don’t need a paternal government to dictate every aspect of our lives, or treat us like children or perpetual victims.

Let’s take care of ourselves.