The News Media Might Be a Problem


The news media has more power and influence than we realize. I’d go as far as to say that their “narratives”, which are often one-sided, steeped in personal opinions, and centered almost entirely on the negative, have become catalysts for inciting hostility and widening divisions in our country.

When a crime is committed, they quickly establish heroes and villains before all of the information is available and verified. Those who have had genuine histories with similar villains get mad, and those who don’t believe the villain is as awful as presented get mad. Everyone gets mad. And with all of us emotionally attached through our mutual anger, we tune in to follow the story.

I believe that CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and several of the other mainstream media outlets are full of shit. They don’t care about objective journalism anymore, and they’re playing us in a competition to see who can exploit our emotions the best for ratings.


When I Was a Conservative For 2 Weeks


After getting a face full of social liberalism from the Obama administration, and seeing firsthand how awful big government policies could be, I became a strong advocate of individualism and small government. “I guess I’m a conservative now,” I thought.

I spent the next few days researching conservatism, listening to podcasts, and passively engaging in conservative communities. While I admired the ideology, there was something about the people—the conservatives themselves—that didn’t feel right.

The first thing I noticed was how angry many of them were, particularly about Obama. Every-single-day, I ran into a new report on how much Obama sucked. I’d look around like, “Okay, yeah… I don’t like him either. But what’s your plan?”

Their anger amplified when the Ferguson, MO riots and protests began. Rather than express any sympathy, or acknowledge the innocent people involved in this plight, most of the conservatives I saw just raged on about how hypocritical black people were, and—of course—how much Obama sucked.

It seems like conservatives—at least the lot I encountered—don’t really care much for the people outside of their culture. Social liberals, although I disagree with their approach, have at least tried to propose solutions for those who are enduring difficulties.

I respect the small government policies advocated by conservatism, and I acknowledge the charitable work conservatives have done, but I no longer feel comfortable associating myself with the label.

The Racist Following of Popular Conservative Personalities

I’ve seen an overwhelming number of racist comments being posted about black people—primarily on conservative sites by self-professed conservatives—over the last couple of weeks in response to the protests and riots in Ferguson, MO.

Here are some examples of the kind of thoughts being shared:

“The peoples action shows how racist the black people are. You dont see spanish or white or Chinese doing this. That sums it up pretty clearly. Our ancessors already fought for these people . All the people who died for them. They make a good men ashame im sure.”

“Why is it that the ONLY race that loots and acts this way IS BLACKS???? WHAT ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“maybe, and I’m going out on a limb here, it’s because BLACKS HAVE NO RESPECT FOR LAWS!!!!!!!!”

“Farm animals…at age 8 you know right from wrong.”

“shoot them nigs down”

“Kill them till they disburse…”

— Source: Mark Levin Show

Here are some jabs from David Horowitz and Ramsey Paul:


But a lot worse can be found if you search for it.

Are all of the people in that search, or those participating on hashtags like #ChimpOut, conservative? It’s not always easy to tell, but some do make it obvious.


A lot of conservatives—and social liberals alike—seem to have become so obsessed with attacking the other side that they no longer care about the wrongs happening on their own side. Nothing can be gained by vilifying a predominately civil group for the actions of a few. It would be in everyone’s best interests if we did more to quell the hostilities within our parties.