Assorted Thoughts

[last update: 2014.11.10]

Competing drives us to work against—rather than with—each other, and withhold help and knowledge to retain our advantage.

The impetus for natural selection and progress is competition. Capitalism is the natural byproduct of our shitty biology.

Hypothesis: Violence, tribalism, sexism, everything bad are biologically innate to human nature. Altruism is the only true social construct.

Leaderless movements still need a blueprint. Even anarchists have literature to lay groundwork and establish direction.

Likely correlations: authoritarianism ∈ subjectivism, libertarianism ∈ objectivism, liberalism ∈ humanitarianism, conservatism ∈ tribalism.

Exploiting our emotions for clicks and ratings is the strategy of most news outlets—left and right. The angrier they can make us, the better.

Objective journalism isn’t “impossible.” Just present at least two perspectives and don’t inject adjectives. Let me decide for myself who to believe.

If your gender politics are framed primarily on regulating sexual content rather than diversifying it, you are sex-negative.

When you break it down, ideologues—from the left and right—pushing for involuntary collectivism is the problem.

Forced collectivism depends on the rejection of individuality and objectivity to foster authoritarian submissiveness.

Collectivism is best achieved by individualist means. The encroachment of involuntary interdependence is too extensive to avert backlash.

Mainstream Western feminism is not about equality. It’s about whining incessantly about things that offend spoiled white people.

Culture evolves from experience. Privilege limits experience. Cultural appropriation compensates for lack of personal experience.

If you refer to your followers as “hivemind”, or say “Go!” after asking a question, you might love yourself a little too much.


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