The System is Fucked


By grossly expanding the scope of the government, progressive politicians have undermined our civil liberties and self-reliance. Fostering free markets by minimizing or eliminating the capacity of the government and trade unions, as advocated by conservatives and right-wing libertarians, would give corporations dominion over the citizenry.

Capitalism, the economic system that rewards those who excel at using a method of psychological manipulation called “marketing”, has divided and turned us against each other. With social-Darwinism and conceit at its core, capitalism provokes inhumane competitions for attention and the leftovers not yet stockpiled by the overpaid.

Critics of government overreach have been called selfish, apathetic, and bigoted, and those who feel the overpaid should be progressively taxed to compensate the exploited are said to encourage laziness, envy, and theft.

What is the solution?

How can government encroachment be retracted in a way that doesn’t neglect the downtrodden and those who oppose compromising ethics and individuality to conform? How can corporate corruption—which has happened, is happening, and will likely continue happening—be mitigated?


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